About Me

Hola friends!

ShutupShan started in August 2016, when I went to China to teach English, it was a way to keep everyone updated on my travels. But, China and I didn’t really get along, I didn’t stay for the planned time I was meant to and the blog sort of stopped along with that.

So this is kind of a re-launch I guess, and yeah I know it’s nearly a year later but life gets busy and I haven’t really been sure of what ShutupShan was going to be. I wasn’t sure whether to keep it strictly travel or whether to add some fashion and beauty bits etc. It’s taken me a while to figure out what direction I want this blog to go in – then I realised.. I never make my mind up on anything, so why start now?! In other words, the blog will have whatever I feel like at the time pretty much. Anything from travel to beauty to food to just ranting about something random.


About me then. I’m not really good with this whole concept of talking about myself – feels pretty awkward even for someone who doesn’t shut up. But i’ll give it a go! I’m Shanice, born and bred in South East London. I’m 22 years young, and i’m currently working in recruitment (Office-y people, get at me if you need me!).

I live with some of my family and my boyfriend Luke. The poor sod who has voluntarily put up with me for 3 years now. I’ve done a fair bit of traveling so you’ll see all about that. I’m into music big time, and I listen to everything! With a soft spot for disney ofc.

I’m no fashion/beauty guru but I can do my liquid eyeliner on a moving train so that pretty much deserves an award in itself I think. I out eat my whole family most days, so there will be a few bits food related for the inner fat girl in me.

Other than that i’m pretty much your average girl. I like tea as much as the next blogger and I am maybe more opinionated than most, but that’s the whole point right?