Tea Tourist – JULY box review!

Tea Tourist – JULY box review!

Hey guys! As promised here is my review of the Tea Tourist July box. If you don’t know about Tea Tourist, they are a company that put together a selection of 6 teas for you to try and enjoy each month! You can find out more about my first experience using them here! 

So I’ll go through the flavours that were in this months box and what I thought of them:

Get Up And Go: A black tea which smells quite strong but is definitely easy on the tastebuds! Sort of a posh builders tea, I had mine with a splash of milk and it was lovely and light.

Summer Fruits: This was so pretty in the cup with it’s blue flowers and petals floating around! I really enjoyed this as it tasted really fruity. The smell was seriously yum too.

Go Nuts: WOW. When I opened the packet to this one I couldn’t stop imagining there was a pecan pie in front of me instead of a cup of tea. Honestly it smells so nutty and sweet, it was gorgeous! The taste is quite light which I liked and it suggested to add a bit of milk, I tried this and it definitely suits. Beautiful tea!


Lemon Kandy: Now, this tea definitely has a special place near my kettle. Kandy is a place in Sri Lanka. I’ve actually been there and so this tea really lets me jump back to that amazing holiday! It’s a beautiful smelling tea as it’s quite tangy and super fresh. The taste itself is a really calming citrus and goes really well with a slice of cake or a sweet treat.

Lavender, Chocolate And Cinnamon: Yep. You heard that correctly, they put 3 of my fave smells in one cup and boy was it good. When it comes to tea, usually anything that has cinnamon gets me on board pretty quickly and this was no exception. I love cinnamon and spicy teas so this was right up my street. Which leads me to our last tea pretty nicely actually!

Masala Chai: So for those of you who aren’t familiar with this type of tea, it’s a tea that’s filled with spices that you would usually find in cooking. Spices such as cardamom, pepper, ginger, cinnamon and the list goes on. Although this selection sounds pretty odd for tea, it works SO WELL. I always have my chai with milk, warmed up a little. Perfect!


So as you can tell, i’m again a very happy girl with this months Tea Tourist box. In fact, this was my favourite box so far for sure. I loved all of them so much they’re pretty much finished!  I can’t wait for the next box, I’ve seen some insights on instagram and i’m very excited :’). If you guys haven’t already tried Tea Tourist and are want to get your hands on some discounted tea, use my code: Shan30 for 30% off! You won’t be disappointed I promise!

Thanks for reading!


  1. August 17, 2017 / 5:23 pm

    Ooh I love a good tea variety! These look so wonderful, the chai in particular! I had a chai cupcake once and it was gorgeous! Keep that well stocked for winter time xxx

  2. September 5, 2017 / 8:26 pm

    this is so cool I had no idea something like this existed:) I kind of want to copy you and jump on this trend great post doll xx

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