Oman – Musandam Boat Trip

Oman – Musandam Boat Trip

So I tend to go to Dubai at least once a year as my sister lives out there. And yes that means there will be a hell of a lot of posts about Dooby land you lucky people. In 2015 we took a trip from Dubai to Oman. Oman is a country in the Middle East on the Arabian Peninsula. It’s next to the UAE and is only a few hours drive from Dubai. I wouldn’t say Oman is a ‘prime’ travel destination as it’s cities aren’t crazy with attractions etc however, there are some natural beauties around the country and also some breathtaking mosques if you like that sort of thing!

Like I said, it’s a couple of hours drive but if you plan the trip through a tour company they will pick you up from your hotel and take you from your doorstep to the boat. Handy! For trips to Oman you will need to bring your passport – If you are travelling in your own vehicle you will need your insurance papers too. Make sure that you check online though as things could change and you wouldn’t want to get there and realise you needed more documents. If you have done it through a company they should be able to let you know exactly what you need (if they don’t know, don’t book!)

So the drive was pretty much all motorways. Pretty mundane, make sure you bring some music or a book or something… Well I say mundane but we actually crashed our bus thingy… not massively, nobody was hurt in fact I think most the people on the bus slept through it. But it was quite entertaining to watch the bus drivers argue about it. The part you want to stay awake for is nearer the end of the journey where you get to Oman. The mountains and some of the views from the bus are pretty beaut!

So you get off the bus and go through the border where you show your passports etc and then there was a bit of a wait for us. I’m not actually sure but I remember being fucking baking standing outside with no shade and desperately needing to pee. Anyway, you then drive to the little port where the boats are and get on. The boat was quite big as we were a sizeable group. So firstly they offer you some refreshments, we had some cold beer of course. Then you set off into the Gulf of Oman, which is BEAUTIFUL. The water was so clear and so blue and the way they contrasted with the mountains. Mate.

We hopped on a little speedboat and visited a beach near to where we were, had a little swim in the water. Some of us then chose to do some snorkeling around some of the mini reefs. I hadn’t done snorkeling before. It was a lot of fun but there’s something about putting snorkeling masks that have been used by others in my mouth that really freaks me out. Maybe I’m a bit precious but seriously it’s gross. Anyway, as I said it was a lot of fun – I’m not the best at snorkeling, it was the first time and I kind of forgot that I could breathe through the tube and kept coming up for air. Donut I know. I also nearly stepped on a sea urchin, it barely grazed my foot but that could have been painful. Needless to say I called it a day with the snorkeling- wish I had my go pro so I could get you guys some underwater shots.

When you get in the water you honestly just don’t want to get out so we tried out the banana boats where you cling on for dear life whilst the men on speedboats go mad and try and fling you off.. It was so much fun :’)

We got back on the little boat for a quick trip to some of that caves under the mountains surrounding where we were. I don’t have the best pictures as we kept moving and my camera is a bit naff. The men were describing the different types of rock on the caves but to be honest they looked really pretty as the rock had some crystal-ish parts so I wasn’t paying too much attention.

After heading back to the main boat and after a few more drinks, we did some sunbathing on the boat for a while and after taking all of our photos with the scenery, it was time to eat. And obviously being a fat bitch, this was the best part of my day. We had some barbeque bits, so some chicken etc. We also had some biriyani and some chickpeas and some dahl, typical Middle Eastern food and it was so bloody good. Flashbacks. Ah. We also had some fresh fruit for desert and continued with the beer of course.

And now for the BEST bit. So we’re half way through eating some dinner and the men on the boat start shouting at us to look over the side at the water. There were a pod of dolphins swimming alongside our boat, they were pretty majestic. I’ve been swimming with dolphins before but there is nothing like seeing animals in their natural habitat. The fact that they stayed with the boat made it 10 x better because they wanted to be around us. They were there for about 15 minutes, short and sweet but it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

So that was pretty much it, we watched the sunset which was very pretty and then we headed back to the port and back on the bus to return home. I would say for anyone going to the Middle East that the Musandam Boat Trip is a day out everyone should enjoy! Some companies even allow you to stay overnight on the boat.

We all really enjoyed the day out in Oman – definitely worth going whether you’re just two or the whole family. Have you been to Oman? Or a boat trip similar? Let me know and hope you enjoyed this post!



  1. July 24, 2017 / 5:18 pm

    I really enjoyed reading this post since I also travel a lot, I’ve been Dubai a few times and after reading your post, I want to visit Oman for sure ?

  2. July 24, 2017 / 5:22 pm

    This sounds like such an amazing experience, especially seeing the dolphins!And the food sounds amazing! Definitely adding this to my travel bucket list ☺️

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