Skinny bitches. Blessing or a Curse?

Skinny bitches. Blessing or a Curse?

So there’s a few reasons why I’ve decided to do this post.

  • It’s really fucking annoying to be told ‘but you’re skinny, what do you have to worry about?’ etc…
  • I’ve wanted to put on some healthy weight for a while and publishing it online may encourage me to stick to it
  • There are so many ‘lose weight’ journeys, so I thought it would be interesting to put online what it’s like when you reverse the roles


Okay so let’s get something straight. EVERYONE on the planet has something they want to change about their body/appearance. I’m sure even Jennifer Anniston wakes up some days and doesn’t feel like her usual slaying self. And that’s OKAY. What’s not okay is to make someone feel like their problem isn’t important or worth fretting over because you feel like yours is worse. For example, complaining that you are too big is fine, go for it. However, laughing at someone who says ‘I hate how tiny I am, I wish I could be bigger’ and saying something along the lines of ‘Piss off, everyone wants to be your size you should be grateful!’ is SO NOT ACCEPTABLE.

I cannot express it enough. The amount of times people have told me things similar to that and the amount of times I’ve had to refrain from physical violence. Could you imagine not liking something about yourself and someone turning around and essentially telling you off about it. I’m all for making someone feel better about themselves but saying stuff like that is not supportive, it’s belittling. I’m so over that.

AND breathe. Rant over.

Similarly to people finding it hard to lose weight, it can be super difficult for some people to put on weight and even more difficult to keep it. Like me, loads of people have a very fast metabolism which pretty much means our bodies burn and get rid of what we eat so it doesn’t store as fat. I can imagine it’s horrible to look at a cake and feel like you’re gaining a pound but let me tell you, when you’re skin and bones and spending all of your money on eating like a pig and nothing changes, It’s horrible too (not to mention bloody expensive).

So, what am I going to do about it?

Instead of sitting at home looking at the scale hoping that it might jump up I’ve decided that eating most of sainsbury’s everyday alone isn’t cutting it anymore. I want to gain a bit of weight, by that I mean muscle so I’m going to be toning up. Thankfully, I don’t look in the mirror and shudder at what I see, I like what i’ve got… a lot. But for me it’s about looking healthy and in my world that means having a bit more meat on me. So I’m going to start going to the gym and doing some weighty bits. I’m also going to start using protein powders – I’m not sure which one I like best yet so if you have any suggestions feel free to get at me!

I’m going to continue with the amount I eat but i’m going to add some more ‘high in protein’ bits – things like fish, red meat and pulses etc.. I eat a varied diet anyway, but I tend to eat a fair amount of takeaways because i’m a lazy mofo, so hopefully that will change too… I’m going to update you guys on my journey every week/couple of weeks so that I can keep track of what I’ve done and whether it’s been successful. It will be with pictures, maybe some of my diet and definitely what i’ve been doing in the gym.

So the details:

What I weigh now: 8 st 4lbs and my BMI info – not that I understand what it all means properly.


What I look like (God this is cringe)


If you’re wondering why my hair is scraped back so much it’s because it’s got tonnes of coconut oil in it! As you can see i’m a small frame and that’s with years of trying to get to 8 Stone and STAY there.

What I want: To have some more meat on me. Specifically, a toned ass, bigger arms – not massive amounts of muscle but not skinny little flimsy things anymore, larger legs and thighs again not huge bodybuilder things just sexy toned pins, I also want to work a little on my pectorals’ because I’ve heard it gives the illusion of bigger boobies. I mean i’m a size C which looks proportional at least but a little more? Yes please.

From this I also want to gain some strength, feel healthier day to day, eat more healthy foods – so overall I want to be harder, better, faster, stronger! Word to Kanye.


Hope you enjoyed this post – can’t wait to get started and see if anything changes!



  1. July 24, 2017 / 5:04 pm

    I hate people commenting on my weight. My weight fluctuates so much because of my health condition and at my absolute lowest I was 5 stone. I’m now a much healthier 9 stone. But people still go on at me for weight, or say things like “at least you’re still skinny”. Like I’d rather be fatter and have a healthy body buy OK, you just me on my looks ?? Thanks for sharing this! And sorry for the mini rant! Haha!

    Becca xo

  2. Chloé
    July 24, 2017 / 5:27 pm

    Love this post! I’ve had a similar struggle with my weight for a while, currently I’m just below 8st, and I’d love to tone up and gain some muscle too! good luck on your journey, I hope it all goes well!


  3. July 24, 2017 / 7:32 pm

    I relate to this post so much, I’m glad someone is finally talking about this. Once I saw the title, I knew this would be a great read. I’m 5’2 and around 105 pounds and I’m constantly told you’re so lucky to be skinny. Whenever I complain about not being able to gain weight, people always give me a dirty look or say you’re so lucky. I believe that skinny shaming does exist and it makes you feel bad for having a naturally high metabolism. Thanks for this post, I related to everything you said!

  4. July 26, 2017 / 10:29 am

    I totally agree with this! We have very similar body types. I have friends who say you don’t need to work out etc. But I love the look of being toned. I have always been skinny.. but feel I look too skinny.. when it actual fact it’s how I’ve always been. My main aim is to look healthy and toned. My problem with putting on weight is that it goes straight to my stomach. I am always looking for workout inspiration and would love to see your workout routine!

    hayley //

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